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Roots of influence

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive“..How would it be if your employees put as much energy into their work as they do their sport or hobby?” That was the simple question that led Liz Morrison to set up Sporting Tactics in 1988. Her belief was that by using the inspiration and stimulus of sporting parallels, the motivation for change and continual learning in individuals, teams and organisations could be built.

Using sporting context for change continues to be a central part of our work.   The path has included the following areas of experience and learning highlights.

Commercial Experience

Our facilitators appropriate high level commercial experience, gained in blue chip organisations and National Government. They have covered a range of industries, from Health & Pharmaceuticals, Food, Leisure and Manufacturing through to the public participation, modernisation & IT programmes in Government.

Action Research and ‘Presence’

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyesSystems Thinking, Action Research and now ‘Presence’ are new ways of thinking about learning, which helps people break out of the mold of habitual behaviours. These new approaches enable a seeing of the whole – a much bigger picture, and the individual’s connection to it. Because these whole systems are dynamic, awareness of them enables insight to what is emerging …

Complexity and Scenario Planning

A dwarf standing on the shoulders of a giant may see farther than the giant himselfThere is an increasing awareness in management of the relevance to Complexity Theory, and with it the importance of tracking emergence. The discipline of Scenario Planning, developed within Shell to its significant advantage, is a strategic approach which we are incorporating. It combines analysis of a market situation, awareness of parallel emerging trends and creative facilitation of a range of solutions in order that the organisation can plan more effectively …

Coaching with Integrity

Our coaches have been trained and accredited to the standards of the ICF (International Coach Federation) which has the most rigorous credentialing programme. Membership and accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the profession’s highest standards of professional coaching competency.

Using Metaphor and Storytelling

The techniques of NLP and use of symbolic metaphor can be highly effective tools when used by experienced master practitioners. Our associates trained with the original developers of NLP,  More recently we have embraced story telling and the use of symbolic metaphor and clean language as powerful ways to express and shape our realities.

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Liz Morrison from Sporting Tactics is also a director of Safeguarding Matters  following her work with central government in respect of the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults in the UK.