Sporting Tactics

Facilitation of complex change

People and organisations are complex beings!  Facilitation of complex change within either requires creative approaches and the experience to use appropriate techiques, from a congruent way of being.

At Sporting Tactics we are confident in providing support that gets to the heart of organisational issues. Coaching and facilitation enables profound and lasting shifts.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Albert Einstein.

Our work centres around four key strands:

  • Providing experiential workshops, in particular with horses
  • Facilitation of meetings using creative techniques such as ‘open space’ and story telling
  • Individual coaching for ‘Presence’ and management congruity
  • Providing short term ‘Interim’ senior management resource

Facilitating Action Learning
and experiential workshops

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that is your own selfThe core proposition of our work is of helping people to learn through their own experiences rather than teaching them. This is an ‘Action Learning’ and Action Research led approach, which links in to our work with complexity and systems thinking. This approach is ideally suited to workshop themes such as building stakeholder relations, understanding team dynamics and the development of personal influence.

For such workshops to be effective requires subtle facilitation skills and the ability to create and hold a ‘safe space’ for learning that may involve a range of emotions. Our facilitators are chosen for their sensitivity to change and skill in the use of metaphor as well as having appropriate commercial experience. Their congruence and ability to walk the talk is notable, as the following comments illustrate.

We have developed a specialism in workshops with horses. Due to our exceptional professional reputation and internationally recognised qualifications in this area, these are available worldwide. In the UK we most frequently hold these near Guildford, Oxford and Bristol. We are delighted to extend the range of facilitators able to work experientially by offering workshops and training in this approach, and for those students, the opportunity to assist on workshops.

Facilitation of meetings
using other creative techniques

Complex and creative topics also benefit from new ways of group working such as ‘Open Space’ and ‘World Café’ – we can undertake the setting up and facilitation of these approaches. We have close associations with organisations that specialise in experiential facilitation using sailing, rock climbing, being in the great outdoors, as well as the indoor comfort of storytelling, clowning and working with ‘constellations’. Just contact us to discuss your interests.

Coaching for ‘Presence’

Liz Morrison has significant experience as a personal coach, mainly working with professional sports people and entrepreneurs. She works with beliefs, values and identity to support new depths of personal understanding and motivation. She bases her approach on ICF principles, supported by NLP, clean language and ‘Presence’. This is the model in the latest book by Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer and Betty Sue Flowers. It outlines a profound, values-led understanding to creating significant change at individual, team and organisation level. It has been integrated into our approaches, and we are happy to discuss its subtler points.

Providing short term ‘Interim’
senior management resource

Following Action Research principles, a senior resource operating alongside employees and stakeholders can enable exploration of issues from the inside. This enables deeper understanding of the organisational dynamics and issues.

In the first instance contact
Sporting Tactics
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